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Mission & Vision


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Minong Area Library is to develop and promote literacy in the Minong area by providing quality resources and educational programming opportunities to all people. 


Vision Statement: 

The vision of the Minong Area Library is to create a model that integrates library and literacy services, making library resources and literacy instruction readily available to all people.




It is the policy of the Minong Area Library that patrons have the right to use library/literacy materials and services without being unduly disturbed or impeded by other library users.  All patrons and staff have the right to a secure and congenial environment.


  1. Any behavior that disrupts or hinders public use of the MALLC is prohibited on the property.  This includes, but is not limited to, loud or boisterous behavior, verbal or physical harassment, drunkenness, running and fighting.

  2. Seating at MALLC table(s), enclosures or chairs is limited to the number of persons for which the furniture was designed.

  3. Smoking or chewing tobacco is not permitted in the library.  Public eating is permitted only when specifically approved as a part of a program in Library meeting rooms.

  4. Bicycles are not permitted in any MALLC public area or entryway.  Roller-skating and skateboarding are not permitted in the MALLC.  Wagons must be left out in the common area so as not to obstruct the entry/exit or room area. Strollers may be used in the library if they do not pose an obstruction to others.

  5. Taking surveys, circulating petitions, distributing leaflets to patrons or other similar activities are permitted in the MALLC only written authorization of the Library Director.

  6. Animals, except those used to aid persons with disabilities or as a part of a MALLC sanctioned event, are not permitted in the MALLC.  Animals may not be left unattended on MALLC property.

  7. Parents or other legal guardians are responsible for the behavior of their minor children in the library. Care givers of special needs patrons are responsible for the conduct and well-being of that patron.

  8. The violation of federal or state laws or local ordinances will not be permitted on MALLC property, and the MALLC reserves the right to inform the proper authorities of any violations.  Theft, vandalism and mutilation of MALLC property are criminal offenses and may be prosecuted.  The MALLC reserves the right to inspect all bags, brief cases, back packs and other such items when the staff has reason to believe that this rule has been violated.

  9. The MALLC is a weapon free environment and therefore does not allow and concealed or unconcealed firearms or weapons in the MALLC.  The exception is those carried by authorized law enforcement officials.

  10. The MALLC is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended.

  11. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on MALLC property except as part of a MALLC sponsored function or program authorized by the MALLC Director.

  12. Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of MALLC privileges.



Patron Policies



It is the policy of the Minong Area Library and Literacy Center (MALLC) to provide access to all who wish to use it and are willing to follow all usage procedures for the MALLC defined in this policy.  The use of the MALLC may be denied for cause which may include but is not limited to, the failure to return Library/Literacy materials, pay fines, destruction of MALLC property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other objectionable conduct on MALLC premises.


Library Card Policies
  • A library card is available to any person age six or older who completes a MALLC Library Card application form.  All patrons must complete the form prior to checking out any library materials. Permanent and/or local residences are required as well as a valid driver’s license or state ID number. Applications for children under 16 require a parent's or legal guardian’s signature in order to obtain a library card.


  • All information on the MALLC Library Card form is considered private and confidential. 

    • The relevant Wisconsin laws concerning the confidentiality of library records  are Wisconsin Statutes Section 43.30 and the Wisconsin Personal Information Practices (Sections 19.62 to 19.80)

  • Under Section 43.03, library records that indicate the identity of any individual who borrows or uses the library’s documents or other materials, resources or services may only be disclosed as follows:

    • with the consent of the individual library uses, or

    • by court order, or

    • to custodial parents or guardians of children under the age of sixteen, or

    • to persons acting within the scope of their duties in the administration of the library or library system, or

    • to other libraries (under certain circumstances) for the interlibrary loan purposes.  (see ss.43.30(2) and (3)


Loans & Overdue Policies
  • Loan periods are as follows:

    • 4 weeks for books and audio books

    • 1 week for new books, DVDs and musical CD’s

    • 3 weeks for non-current periodicals- current periodicals DO NOT circulate

    • Most reference books do not circulate.  However, some can be checked out for one week.

    • Interlibrary loan materials are due on the date indicated by the lending library.


  • Materials may be renewed once either by phone or in person, if no waiting list exists.

  • The Director may establish a loan period for special collections or materials, which are temporarily in demand.

  • A Patron may borrow up to 20 items with these exceptions:  no more than 10 books, 5 Books on CD, 5 DVDs per family, 3 books in a series and 2 books on a subject in great demand as determined by the Director.  Further, students unaccompanied by a parent or guardian are limited to checking out three books.

  • Reserves may be requested in person or over the phone.  Patrons will be notified when the materials are available.  There is no charge for placing a reserve request.


  • If a patron has overdue materials, no fine is assessed however, they will be asked to make a monetary donation to the MALLC.

  • Per the discretion of the Director, borrowing privileges are suspended until overdue materials are returned.

  • If materials are lost or damaged and judged by the Director as unsuitable for the collection, the patron must pay the replacement cost before borrowing privileges are restored.

  • In all of the above matters, the Director may use discretion in settling charges.


Internet Access



Use of the Internet is available to all patrons of the Minong Area Library & Literacy Center (MALLC).  MALLC has no control over these resources, nor does the MALLC have complete knowledge of what is on the Internet.   Users are warned that some material available on the Internet may contain items that are illegal, inaccurate, defamatory and potentially offensive or disturbing.  The provision of access does not imply that the library endorses or sanctions the content or point of view of any of the information or commentary to be found on the Internet. Users need to be critical information consumers and evaluate the validity of the information accessed.


MALLC users access the Internet at their own discretion. The MALLC assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from its connections to the Internet.  As with other MALLC resources and material, a child’s access to the Internet is ultimately the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


  1. Rules:

  • The Internet must be shared and used in a way that respects the rights of others.

  • Patrons must refrain from illegal or unethical use of the Internet.  This includes viewing pornography.

  • Only authorized copies of copyrighted and licensed data may be made.

  • Patrons will refrain from disruptive behavior.

  • Patrons may not misrepresent oneself as another user.

  • Patrons may not attempt to modify or access other’s data or access to any network or website.

  • Patrons may not damage or alter MALLC equipment or Internet access.

  • Patrons may not transmit threatening, harassing or abusive language and images.

  • Parents or guardians are responsible for the Internet information and images accessed by their children. The MALLC requires children under the age of 10 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to use the Internet.

  • Any violation of the rules of this Internet use policy will result in suspension or loss of the privilege to use the MALLC’s Internet resources.  Illegal activity involving the MALLC’s Internet will be subject to prosecution by the proper authorities.

  • The MALLC cannot guarantee that Internet- trained staff will be available to assist users at all times the MALLC is open.  Time permitting, staff will try to answer specific questions about the Internet and offer suggestions for effective searching.

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